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What Do You Do All Day?!?

It's a question that I couldn't answer, but maybe you can...What do you DO all day?

What do you do all day?!?

It’s a question that I couldn’t answer, but maybe you can…What do you DO all day?

Most of us will say we are “SO busy” but are we really? I made a choice that seemed a bit rebellious and naughty at first. You’ll have to listen to find out what it was, but in putting Parkinson’s Law to practice (look it up!) I started doing something different in my business and now it’s making me wonder what I do all day.

Also on this episode:

  • Branding / Consistency / Focus – Your branding has the power to bring something unique to your business. Alex Pauls, co-founder of KP Design is teaching us how to focus your branding on your ideal client and refine your brand messaging as needed.
  • Boundaries / Burnout – Beware of small business burnout! Janice Litvin, speaker and author, who quite literally wrote the book on burnout, is here talking to us about the signs and contributors to be aware of to avoid small business burnout.
  • Celebration / Podcast – We’re celebrating with Laura Hulleman, the creator of the Endotype Formula as she launches her new podcast, Raving Coaches. She’s actually 16 episodes in, so have a listen and get caught up on past episodes as Laura cuts through the BS and brings value to the coaching industry.
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Episode Mentions

Bankable Events

Design a highly profitable, community building, brand boosting event for your small business with Bankable Events – even with no experience! Bankable events offers proven strategies for designing events that drive revenue. 

Sidekick Accounting

Sidekick Accounting is your trusted companion as you grow your small business that effortlessly handles the finances. Now an official Profit First Provider!

Athena Legal Solutions

Small business legal doesn’t have to be complicated. Say hello to peace of mind. Athena Legal Solutions is your personal business lawyer from start up to legacy creation.

Choices Coaching & Consulting

Krista Morrissey and Choices Coaching & Consulting build leaders in your small business so you can grow faster.

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