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The Pat Miller Show

Making Small Business Dreams Real, One Call at a Time

On the Pat Miller Show, Pat collaborates with you to build a bigger, better small business. You share your latest project or next big idea and together you’ll work through the challenges and seize opportunities. You’ll walk away with ideas, solutions and confidence to help you be a better business owner. So, c’mon, sign up to share what you’re building!

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Coming on the show might be bit intimidating. But when you talk with Pat, you’re going to hear what you’ve missing. They’re called “blind spots” for a reason. Call in to ask about your marketing, sales, growth issues and other stumbling blocks that we ALL face as we try to scale our business. You’ll even be able to pick the day and time that works for you. Remember, by sharing your question, you’re helping EVERYONE else that is listening.

Together, we are supporting one another as we conquer the day to day journey of building our dreams.

The Pat Miller Show Episodes

How Do I Convert Users to Customers

On this episode, we're talking with two entrepreneurs about turning Facebook live viewers into engaged customers and how to stop feeling overwhelmed.

How Do I Launch A New Product

The Pat Miller Show is BACK from our hiatus to collaborate with three great callers and get after questions that might be facing you.

How can I grow my Email List

How can I increase my email list size so I can make more sales? How do I build value for potential partners and collaborators?

How Can I Compete with Microsoft?

Jennifer Buchholz asks the question "How can I compete with Microsoft?" Believe or not, she has a big opportunity to sell against them.

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