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This is your hour, each week, to work ON your business, not IN it. What makes this show unique is that it’s hosted by a small business owner exclusively for entrepreneurs and small business owners. That means, your host Pat Miller UNDERSTANDS what you’re going through and he knows how to find the right information you need to really impact the success of your business! Tune in to the conversation with Pat to hear great ideas and find inspiration so you can “Get Clear, Work Hard and NEVER QUIT” while building your business.

Each week, Pat interviews entrepreneurs to share what they’ve learned or celebrate their wins! In both instances we learn how they are growing and what we can use in our business right away. Spend an hour with the Pat Miller Show and you’ll walk away with ideas, solutions and confidence to help you be a better business owner.

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Coming on the show might feel a bit intimidating. But when you talk with Pat, you’re going to be able to share your success and inspire small business owners everywhere! Call in to share your latest big idea that is growing the business, a shift in strategy that is that is impacting your success or your latest victory in our celebration session. You’ll even be able to pick the day and time that works for you. Remember, when you come on, you’re helping EVERYONE else that is listening.

Running a small business is lonely and hard – Don’t Grow it Alone®

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Wendy Babcock

Wendy Babcock

Speaking Bootcamp
Get the gig, rock the gig, get paid for the gig! Yes! You can get paid to speak! During this 3-day virtual PAID Speaking Bootcamp, you’ll learn everything you need to craft your talk, get on stages and get paid to speak! International & TEDx Speaker, Wendy Babcock, is ready to share her secrets to creating income without selling! This event is Feb 15-17, 2023…register today!
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The Pat Miller Show Episodes

My Favorite Tip for Small Business Growth

On this episode of the show, we talk with Jennifer Rundell of Rundell Redesign who niched her business and saw big results! She'll share how she did it and what you can expect if you do it, too.

On-Air DEBUT – Small Business Saturday

The on-air launch episode of the Pat Miller Show to kick off America's Small Business Conversation! Welcome to the new show on our flagship, KLIN/Lincoln, NE.

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