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The Small Business Event of the Year!

November 9-11, 2023 Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI

Pat Miller Show

The Pat Miller Show is a live show that serves Small Businesses in each show by solving problems, capturing opportunities, and celebrating successes.

Pat is looking to help Small Business Owners, live without a net.

Andy Weins

Basic Training

Monday, May 15, 2023 @ 5:00PM Central

With Andy Weins

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I'm basically speechless. Never have I ever been to a more incredible event for business. I cannot wait to crush my goals and show up to 2022 with them checked off. I deepened existing relationships and more and more importantly got a firmer direction on what I need to do as the leader of my company and what my company needs to do as the leading small business bookkeeping and tax firm 🙂 Thank you Pat for creating space for all of us CEOs to take time to have fun, work and inspiration so that we can change the world!

Megan Schwan

CEO Sidekick Accounting Services

This weekend, not only did I get to help business owners gain clarity around setting themselves up tor success, I hit one of my own goals! I was on the speaker list with Mel Effin’ Robbins and the glorious man in the yellow tux Jesse Cole for this event! As I got serious about being a speaker that delivers for business owners ready to scale, I had to put the work in. I worked on my talks (Thank you to my amazing mentors Pat Quinn and Pete Vargas). I honed my expertise on best practices for Hiring & Management and grew my passion for ensuring that people could use a repeatable process to  identify a business need for clarity and results. And then… I put myself out there. Asking for what I wanted and what will allow me to serve more business owners! Yep THAT was the hard part.   Thank you Pat Miller for putting me on this event stage (for two talks!) Like I said at the Idea Collective® Retreat… It’s not magic. It’s about making the space and time to identify what you want so you can move toward it every step of the way!

Talmar Anderson

CEO & Founder The Boss Actions

CONGRATS Pat Miller - The Idea Coach ! Love that this came together so beautifully! A testament to the power of vision and the requisite follow-through. Such an incredible achievement for a truly priceless community and a one-of-a-kind leader. No doubt those '22 goals are yours for the taking.

Steve Tsentserensky

Freelance Contributor CNBC