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My Strategy For Meeting Your First Client And How to Get Them to Pay You

We all have to start somewhere, but how exactly do you get that first paying client?

My Strategy For Meeting Your First Client - And How to Get Them to Pay You!

If you’re just starting out, today’s conversation is for YOU! We all have to start somewhere, but how exactly do you get that first paying client? What do you need to do to get started? How are you going to meet the right people? And more importantly, once you do, how are you going to get them to pay you?

Because you’re just starting out, you are the business. There is no team to back you up and no team to promote what you have to offer. I’m sharing my strategy to finding your first client and then answering all the questions above. Hint: You’ll need real pants!

Also on this episode:

  • Revenue / Profit – Brent Halfwassen, Milwaukee’s Small Business Coach, is delivering the tough stuff today. As boring as it sounds, looking and knowing your numbers won’t kill you, but ignoring them will kill your business.
  • Trademark / Branding – We discuss all things trademark protection with Carolyn Jahnke, founding attorney of Athena Legal Solutions. What can be trademarked? What’s the process? And what is your obligation to your trademark once you’ve earned it? If it’s not trademarked, your business and brand are vulnerable!
  • Celebration / Public Speaking / Coaching – Jen Frey works one-on-one with leaders to understand the roadblocks that get in the way of their business. Jen is also a speaker and presenter, and challenged herself to get 12 paid speaking gigs in 90 days. Did she do it? And if so, how did she do it?
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Episode Mentions

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Design a highly profitable, community building, brand boosting event for your small business with Bankable Events – even with no experience! Bankable events offers proven strategies for designing events that drive revenue. 

Sidekick Accounting

Sidekick Accounting is your trusted companion as you grow your small business that effortlessly handles the finances. Now an official Profit First Provider!

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Small business legal doesn’t have to be complicated. Say hello to peace of mind. Athena Legal Solutions is your personal business lawyer from start up to legacy creation.

Choices Coaching & Consulting

Krista Morrissey and Choices Coaching & Consulting build leaders in your small business so you can grow faster.

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