The Idea Collective®

Small business Incubator

Congratulations, you’re about to grow your small business with the help of entrepreneurs like you from all around the world. Leave the frustration behind and find clarity, confidence, and real support – it’s your dream, don’t grow it alone®!

Dare to Dream

Life's too short to build someone else's dream.

It takes courage to quit corporate, to follow your passion, and go out on your own to make a difference, an impact, a legacy. There are people who will never understand how you could leave a steady paycheck, even when it comes with consistent disappointment, creative frustration, and the expectation to conform to another’s vision.

You’ve discovered the small business support system you’ve needed. We’re a group that understands your journey and we’re ready to connect with you. We offer a premium online Incubator.

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The Idea Collective Small Business Incubator

The Idea Collective®

Small Business Incubator

The small business support system was broken. So, we fixed it.

Built by small business owners for small business owners, we’ve built a place that gives you what you need to keep growing. There are no networking scammers, referral meeting sharks, or expensive coaching programs that promise success without delivering. With the Idea Collective® Small Business Incubator, you’ll experience the things you’re missing: Collective Intelligence, Inspiration, and Transformation.

Pat Miller and The Idea Collective® members have been an invaluable resource for KP Design. The Idea Slam hours twice a week are a great opportunity to go over any issues we are having with our business with other Small Business owners that have the wisdom of having gone through these things already.

The Idea Collective® Small Business Incubator is always adding multiple weekly events where new experts in their field provide us with extremely valuable information! As small business owners, we've found this information saving us so much time and money!

What makes the Idea Collective® special is the willingness of its members to share their wisdom. We are proud and excited to be part of this amazing group of people.

Alex Pauls

Visibility Strategist at KP Design

Collective Intelligence

Learn from others who have figured out what you need to figure out. 

Collective Inspiration

Find other small business owners who can see what you’re missing and challenge your thinking.

Collective Transformation

Walk together to small business mastery so you can feel confident and in control.

The Idea Collective®


Being a small business owner doesn't have to be so hard.

We want to fix the small business support system by providing something that will help our members succeed. As the group grows and becomes more diverse, the community becomes stronger, more intelligent, and frankly, more fun.

Founder of the Idea Collective®

Pat Miller

Small business owners are quickly joining our community so they can tap into Collective Intelligence, Inspiration & Transformation.

Pat spent two decades in broadcasting management and hosting. After leaving the radio industry, he spent time consulting small businesses and realized the support system for entrepreneurs was broken. Where could you find help for improving small businesses and building real connections with other like-minded people. In June of 2020, the Idea Collective® Small Business Incubator was born.

What people say?


This is a small business community like no other. It's amazing to have such a creative, fun and giving group to brainstorm ideas with and get feedback. You can be vulnerable sharing what is really going on in your business and everyone lifts each other up.

Jennifer Hensley

The Idea Collective is an excellent organization. The community is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of business growth. The community does nothing but support you, rally around you, pick you up when you are down, and celebrate when you win. 11/10 would recommend.

Sachin N. Shah

So here’s my story. I decided I needed to do something different. I need a place to get ideas, validate I was on the right path. Having access to a group of people showing up to give and learn together has been priceless. My business has nearly doubled since joining the Idea Collective Small Business Incubator. coincidence, maybe but doubtful. Decide to do something different.

Brad Herda

President & CEO at Vision Forward LLC

I joined the IC because I visited once, laughed my butt off, and knew I had found my people! They have seen me through several ups and downs, and I have made some lifelong friends that know a sh*t ton about entrepreneurship! Love love love this group!

Teri Kerr

Executive Coach & Empowerment Strategist The Unstuck Duck Coaching

I am not sure where I'd be without the Idea Collective and our community of entrepreneurs who support each other without expecting anything in return but the joy of helping others! As a sole entrepreneur, I have a team behind me to support me and my vision. Thank you, Pat Miller for being there for us! #dontgrowitalone

Lisa Raebel

Speaker, Founder & Chief Storyteller Rebel Girl Marketing, LLC

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Small Business Incubator

Prepare to be inspired so you can dare to dream your small business goals!

Join the Idea Collective® Small Business Incubator, a group that understands what you’re going through and believes in where you are capable of going.

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